Work History

Most of my experience on the web has been acquired by supporting web based projects, websites, or web based systems in the organizations that I worked for.

Below are links to a few of these sites:

WORK RELATED WEBSITES I currently update and manage the content on this site for The Hadley School for the Blind. The pages are primarily created using ASP (Active Server Pages), HTML, and CSS. The content on a number of pages is derived from a SQL Server database.

McGraw-Hill Connect: At McGraw-Hill, this site was primarily used by Content Project Managers (including myself), Vendors, and the Quality Assurance Department  to upload, check, and review content for students and instructors. There is a demo and live version of the site.

DevelopU: The Learning Management Portal that I used extensively at NorthShore University HealthSystem. My responsibilities included support of all end users who took online learning courses on the system. I also interacted closely with various other stakeholders like The Learning and Development team, Help Desk, IT, and the Vendor (Cornerstone OnDemand) in troubleshooting issues related to the system.

ClassZone:  At McDougal Littell (a book publishing company), I worked on several web based projects related to Middle School and High School textbooks in the Math area. These included Online Assessments,  Online Books, PowerPoint Presentations, Animated Math Flash Modules and Vocabulary Flipcards. McDougal Littell is now part of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


Ravi’s Recipe Site: This is a recipe website created in Dreamweaver using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, and CSS. All the content for the main section in the middle is obtained from PHP include files within the index page, and derived from a MySQL database.

Ravi’s Store Site: This is a food store website created using PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS. It includes functionality for a Customer storefront (browse, add to cart, checkout) as well as a Store Manager back-end application for maintaining the site.

Benjy: I created this site for a pug dog named Benjy. I used Dreamweaver to create the header, sidebar, main, and footer sections. Formatting of the content was done with the help of CSS styles.

Wellness of the Mind: I helped create this site on using The Misty Lake Theme. It is easy to create a free website on by using and customizing the many themes that are available. However, for more flexibility and functionality, it is better to use the downloaded version of WordPress from or the installed version of WordPress from your hosting company.